Tiger Woods has rejoined the video game world in new 2K deal

Nova Scotia-based HB Studios, the developer behind PGA Tour 2K21 (2 million copies sold to date), is now part of Take-Two Interactive’s 2K studio system. The publisher recently announced the acquisition and a multi-year agreement with Tiger Woods, who hasn’t been involved in any golf video games since 2013 when Electronic Arts controlled the PGA license.

The announcement was likely to have been made sooner but the Hall-of-Fame golfer was involved in a serious car accident in late February; Woods said that he’s excited to “build the future of golf video games together” with 2K.

Although 2K Sports was already the publisher behind PGA Tour, bringing HB Studios in-house means that the publishing label now operates studios responsible for billion-dollar franchise NBA 2K, wrestling series WWE 2K, and the upcoming non-simulation NFL-licensed game marking 2K’s return to football.

Details and an exact release date on the new Tiger Woods game have not been provided yet, but the recognition and marketing boost that Woods’ name still brings to the table is certainly a positive for 2K as it builds on its successful sports foundation. Take-Two narrowly missed out on an opportunity to further bolster its sports portfolio by adding racing studio Codemasters to the mix, but EA made a last-minute offer to outbid them.

According to Interpret’s New Media Measure®, PGA fans are right behind NBA fans in the US as some of the most passionate sports gamers, which is good news for 2K Sports when the publisher inevitably cross-promotes its sports franchises among their respective player bases.