Gamers on Demand

Gamers on Demand is a recruiting service enabling clients to leverage Interpret’s industry leading gamer panel – Good Gamer Group – for market research studies that do not require full-service support. Clients gain direct access to articulate, fully-vetted, fully-verified, NDA-compliant participants that match their target criteria.

Gamers on Demand

Gamers on Demand uses Interpret’s extensive panel of gamers, Good Gamer Group.

Serving the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Study Types

Explore our extensive range of studies. With a diverse selection available, you can find the perfect fit for your research needs.

Inclusive Offerings

Screener Programming

We manage all screener programming internally

Participant Reminders

We manage all reminder communications and ensure participants receive timely instructions

Segmentation Support

Effortlessly integrate your segmentation typing tool with any screener

Incentive & Tax Liabilities

We handle all incentive payments and participant tax liability notifications

Recruiting Grids & Approval

We send you detailed recruiting updates for your review and approval

Legal Adherence

We ensure all study designs meet each state’s employment guidelines

Service Flexibility

Catered Service

We provide a tailored service to meet your specific needs

Large Scale Testing

We can support up to 100 participants per day

Virtual Testing

We can supply the technology setup for virtual testing

Facility Support

We can recruit to your lab or ours. We have two full-scale focus group and playtesting facilities

Moderators Available

We provide access to a pre-vetted list of expert gaming moderators

Volume Deals

Annual agreements receive additional discounting

Trust and Transparency

Your NDA, Ours, or Both
All GGG members are under Interpret’s NDA and sign client-side NDAs on a per project basis
On-Site Rescreening
An Interpret GGG Recruiting Manager will be onsite to re-screen and confirm participants
Full Participant Customer Service
We will handle any follow-ups, questions, and inquiries from participants


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