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GameByte *NEW 2019*

GameByte measures and tracks the growth of digital and online gaming audience and expenditure on different digital channels and online business models. GameByte provides deep understanding of gamers’ attitudes and usage behaviors on various online and digital gaming devices…MORE

GameByte Mobile *New 2019*

A special report dedicated to the mobile markets that gathers the attitudes, preferences, wants, and needs of children under 13 and the role their parents play in the engagement and monetization process. Gather keen insights on a critical segment that represents a fourth of mobile revenue…MORE

New Media Measure

NMM™ is a consumer profiling tool that helps brands and agencies make meaningful connections with consumers based on where they’re going – not where they’ve been. Clients use NMM™ to assist in new product development, make time-sensitive media buys, inspired pitches, and determine cross-promotion and cross-media marketing opportunities. …MORE


DATA+INSIGHT Within Seven Days – Interpret’s online community of mobile gamers download and play the game. Over a period of seven days, our gamers complete a series of tasks, missions, and quests, participate in daily forum discussions and surveys, and submit video to reveal…MORE

Game Intelligence

Gi is the definitive game audience intelligence tool, providing a comprehensive overview of digital gaming consumers across mobile, console and PC. Compiling data from three inter-related products, Gi enables a deeper understanding of the current gaming audience – what they play, how they play, why they play – and marries that insight to the myriad other activities in which they engage, products they purchase and services they consume. …MORE


GameScape is Interpret’s response to the newest trends in gaming and technology: eSports and Virtual/Augmented reality. GameScape provides brands with insights about eSports viewers and their preferences, as well as measurements of VR/AR familiarity and interest in the U.S. and China…MORE