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New Media Measure

To connect closely with today’s savvy consumers you need to arm yourself with truly insightful data that calls out not just where your target audience has been, but where they’re going. Successfully predicting future trends through highly contextualized, humanized data is the closest you’ll come to owning your very own crystal ball…MORE


DATA+INSIGHT Within Seven Days – Interpret’s online community of mobile gamers download and play the game. Over a period of seven days, our gamers complete a series of tasks, missions, and quests, participate in daily forum discussions and surveys, and submit video to reveal…MORE


GameScape is Interpret’s response to the newest trends in gaming and technology: eSports and Virtual/Augmented reality. GameScape provides brands with insights about eSports viewers and their preferences, as well as measurements of VR/AR familiarity and interest in the U.S. and China…MORE


GameByte measures and tracks the growth of digital and online gaming audience and expenditure on different digital channels and online business models. GameByte provides deep understanding of gamers’ attitudes and usage behaviors on various online and digital gaming devices…MORE