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Our suite of syndicated products is designed to help you create a complete picture of your audience and provide critical data that impacts business decisions.

New Media Measure

New Media Measure® is a syndicated service monitoring media, entertainment, and technology trends, and their impact on the shopping, spending, and usage habits of US consumers.

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New Media Measure: Global Profiles

New Media Measure: Global Profiles™ is a syndicated service providing media, entertainment, and technology adoption rates and audience profiles across 14 countries.

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Smart Home Matrix

Smart Home Matrix™ is a syndicated service providing insights into buyers of smart home products, their preferences and intentions, and the brands that engage them.

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Esports Replay

Esports Replay™ is a syndicated reporting service providing timely insights into trends impacting the global esports ecosystem.

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GameByte® is a syndicated service that measures video game trends among younger generations, including, avidity, platform adoption, child/parent gaming interactions, and wider entertainment habits and attitudes.

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VideoWatch is a suite of syndicated products providing insights and business guidance for the global video services ecosystem.

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