What We Do

Fun scientists
with a purpose

Our Vision

We are a global insights firm laser- focused on helping our media, entertainment and technology clients make informed decisions. We are method agnostic and relationship-driven. We use disparate, multi-source data to solve knotty problems. And, we cultivate long-term connections, as this makes us far smarter about the industries we cover and more effective for the clients we serve.

Our Business

We derive insights from myriad sources, often within the same study or engagement. We are survey and focus group experts, have developed proprietary social media and behavioral measurement tools, and apply advanced modeling and AI to better understand emergent patterns in our data. We organize our business around six interwoven areas of expertise and offer both bespoke and syndicated services in each area: Gaming, Esports, Digital Entertainment, Mobile & Consumer Electronics, IoT & Smart Home, and Advertising.

Our Coverage

While headquartered in Los Angeles, our people span the globe. We have offices in San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, London, Munich, Shangai and Seoul, and a network of strong local partners around the world. We are specialists in global consumer insight, with the majority of our engagements involving multiple markets and languages.

Our Culture

We are spoiled for fun – we work on games, movies, TV shows, toys, esports events, gaming and fandom conventions, web content, sleek new consumer electronics, “smart” (in form and function) home technology, the list goes on. And yet, the problem sets our clients present are as complicated as any. As such, we fashion ourselves “fun scientists” ready to problem solve at a moment’s notice but doing so in industries where fun and fulfillment are a button touch away.