Samsung unveils new budget line of Galaxy smartphones

In the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple for the title of top smartphone producer in the world, the former is hoping that affordability gives the company a leg up, especially as many consumers don’t have the cash to spend on flagship $1,000-plus smartphones. The Korean electronics giant recently unveiled three new smartphones: the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A72. The A52 retails for just $415, while the 5G model sells for $510, which could make it a strong competitor to Apple’s iPhone 12 mini ($699). The models were announced in Europe, but they are slated for US release in April.

The A52 5G offers a 6.5-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, compared to the A52’s 90Hz screen. While 90Hz is sufficient for the average user, gamers and video enthusiasts who want the smoothest playback possible will appreciate the extra frames displayed. The budget models all come with a microSD slot for expandable storage, IP67-rated water resistance, and a headphone jack – something that many smartphone manufacturers have already phased out. Samsung is also promising that these phones can last for two days before needing to be charged.

For those who don’t care about 5G capabilities, the standard A52 could be an enticing proposition at a little over $400; last year, Samsung’s top seller was its budget-focused predecessor, the A51, which can be found on sale today for as little as $350. Samsung also has no plans to release a new Galaxy Note device this year, as producing several high-end smartphones at the same time has been a “burden,” according to co-CEO DJ Koh.

The fact that Samsung and consumers are gravitating towards budget smartphones during COVID-19 makes a lot of sense, as Interpret’s New Media Measure® shows that many consumers’ budgets have tightened, and Samsung smartphone owners were among the top in terms of cutting back living expenses. While 20% of iPhone owners reported reducing living expenses in 2020, that figure increases to 23% among Samsung owners. Additionally, 32% of Samsung smartphone users reported decreases in their entertainment spending.

“Samsung has done a tremendous job in elevating its budget line among consumers, while maintaining a solid grasp on the flagship handset market,” said Harry Wang, Senior Vice President at Interpret. “Similar to Apple, Samsung excels in cultivating mobile carrier relationships, so we’re likely to see even better deals on the new A52 and last year’s A51 through Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T in the coming months.”