Razer to run its business on 100% renewable energy by 2025

Climate change can no longer be ignored, and major companies around the world have vowed to become carbon neutral by 2040. Last year, both Microsoft and Apple committed to reaching that goal by 2030, and across the games industry, commitments from leading firms should reduce C02 emissions by 30 million tons by 2030. The latest to join the cause is peripherals maker Razer, which just posted record annual revenues of more than $1 billion and outlined a 10-year sustainability plan that involves the company powering its offices with completely renewable energy by 2025.

Razer’s European office in Hamburg, Germany has already reached that milestone, and its new Singapore headquarters is expected to run on 100% renewable energy when it opens as well. With a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, Razer encourages its customers to return any old accessories for free recycling, and the manufacturer has also promised to use only recycled or recyclable material in all of its products, along with biodegradable packaging in that same timeframe.

Razer CEO Mi-Liang Tan noted, “Awareness of how we impact the environment is incredibly important.” That’s a sentiment that’s resonating across the business world as more and more shareholders want to understand what steps are being taken by management and board members to address the global climate issue. Aligning a brand with the climate cause is simply good for business.

Gamers are especially concerned with this issue, as nearly half (48%) consider themselves highly environmentally conscious compared to just 43% of non-gamers, according to Interpret’s New Media Measure®. Moreover, Razer’s customers rank even higher than average gamers, with 53% considering themselves environmentally conscious – a figure that jumps as high as 58% among Razer laptop owners.