Video Churn Today: Trends, Changes and Outlook

Competitive and global events over the past 18 months have brought new attention to video service churn. New drivers, both from consumers and industry, affect the motivations for churn and the appropriate responses. This report examines current drivers of churn, the impact of current events and business approaches on the subscription lifecycle, and the most recent ways that video services will address churn in the days and months to come.

Table of Contents

  1. Current State of Play
    1. Pay TV
    2. SVOD
    3. Cancelation Behaviors
  2. Recent Drivers of Churn
    1. Consumer Demand Drivers
    2. Industry Drivers
  3. Today’s Churn and the Subscription Lifecycle
    1. Acquisition: The Role of Free Trials
    2. Trial Conversion: The Focus on Early Signals
    3. Retention: The Business of Establishing Habits
    4. Cancelation: Facilitating Churn and Return
    5. Re-Acquisition: The Importance of Serial Subscribers
  4. Consumer Motivation; Service Provider Response
    1. Money and Motivations
    2. Churn-Reduction Tactics
  5. Data Opportunities to Combat Churn
  6. Implications for the Future
    1. Post-Pandemic Pressures
    2. Competition Factors
    3. Ad-based Models
    4. Content Spending
    5. Finding the Pay-TV Floor
    6. Brushing the OTT Ceiling
    7. Household Exclusivity
    8. Aggregation & Disintermediation
    9. Smart Data Systems
    10. New Churn KPIs

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Video Churn Today: Trends, Changes and Outlook


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