The Next Killer App for the TV

Companies throughout the industry are looking for the next great business opportunity to arise on the TV – killer apps that have the potential to drive consumption, incremental revenues, and new product and service offerings. Each sees the trends in video and connected TV devices (smart TVs and streaming media players) and wants to stake their claim in the next big thing to hit TVs. This report explores four areas:
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Video Calling on the TV
  • Fitness via Connected TVs
  • T-Commerce / Livestreaming Commerce
For each, the report outlines the state of the market and major players, identifies market contributors and inhibitors, and estimates the likelihood, timeframe and scale for each of these areas as they emerge. It also looks into the leading business opportunities likely to emerge within each area, with estimates of scale of revenue, approximate timeframe, and level of risk for each. DATA SOURCES: Executive interviews; Published company information and industry data; Online surveys of US consumers performed from 2019 – 2021.

Table of Contents

  1. The Future for TV – Trends & Inhibitors
    1. The Future for the TV (Top-level trends / Adoption)
    2. Macro Trends Shaping the Landscape
    3. Market Inhibitors Hindering Advancements
    4. Innovation Trends Spurring Change
  2. Killer App: Cloud Gaming
    1. Cloud Gaming: An Overview
    2. Growth Contributors
    3. Current Cloud Gaming Competitors
    4. State of the Current Market (Leaders)
    5. State of the Current Market (TV Makers)
    6. State of the Current Market (International)
    7. Market Inhibitors (Tech, Suppliers/Partners, Content, Consumers, Business Models)
    8. Cloud Gaming Business Opportunities
    9. Overall Assessment
  3. Killer App: Video Calling on the TV
    1. Video Calling on the TV: Overview
    2. The Pandemic Push
    3. Other Growth Contributors
    4. State of the Current Market (Tech Giants, Streaming Devices)
    5. State of the Current Market (Cameras)
    6. Market Inhibitors (Tech, Suppliers/Partners, Consumers)
    7. Video Calling Business Opportunities
    8. Possibilities in Co-Viewing
    9. Overall Assessment
  4. Killer App: Fitness on Connected TVs
    1. Fitness via Connected TVs: Overview
    2. Fitness During the Pandemic
    3. Other Growth Contributors
    4. State of the Current Market (Equipment Makers)
    5. State of the Current Market (TV Makers)
    6. State of the Current Market (Partnerships)
    7. State of the Current Market (Innovation)
    8. Market Inhibitors (Tech, Content, Consumers)
    9. Service & Platform Business Opportunities
    10. Overall Assessment
  5. Killer App: T-commerce / Livestream Commerce
    1. T-commerce / Livestream Commerce: Overview
    2. State of the Current Market (TV Makers, Pay TV, Broadcast)
    3. State of the Current Market (International)
    4. State of the Current Market (Tech Giants)
    5. State of the Current Market (Shopping Networks)
    6. State of the Current Market (Retailers)
    7. Growth Contributors (Tech, Suppliers/Partners, Consumers, Content)
    8. Market Inhibitors (Tech, Suppliers/Partners, Content, Consumers)
    9. Following a Pattern of Success
    10. Retailing Business Opportunities
    11. Technology Business Opportunities
    12. Overall Assessment
  6. Additional Killer App Possibilities
    1. The Metaverse
    2. Education
    3. Connected Health
  7. Opportunity Assessment and Conclusions
    1. Risk vs. Revenue Comparison
    2. Conclusions & Implications: Telecom / Pay TV
    3. Conclusions & Implications: Gaming Companies
    4. Conclusions & Implications: Smart TV / CE Makers
    5. Conclusions & Implications: Retailers & Big Brands

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The Next Killer App for the TV


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