The Future of OTT Aggregation

With a highly fragmented OTT market, an ecosystem of aggregation has emerged with several categories of competitors eager to establish relationships with the end consumer. This trend-focused report examines the ecosystem, market drivers, success factors, and challenges / disruptors that will define future success. It explores the OTT aggregation marketplace in detail to understand the players, market dynamics, and consumer priorities. It reveals the current state of OTT services and aggregation, including consumer preference and use of devices, operators, service providers, and content creators and the role of each in aggregation. The report identifies eight categories of aggregation initiatives, revealing the benefits, obstacles and implications for each. Finally, it uncovers the likely future of OTT aggregation and the factors that will impact the path to success. DATA SOURCES: Executive interviews; Published company information and industry data; Online surveys of US consumers performed from 2019 – 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Current State: Where is Aggregation Today?
    1. Importance of Aggregation
    2. Provider Landscape – Presence in Home
    3. Provider Landscape – CTV Devices
    4. Provider Landscape – Industry Consolidation / Fragmentation
    5. Provider Landscape – Categorization
    6. Provider Landscape – Diversification
    7. Provider Landscape – Big Tech Investment
    8. Provider Landscape – Familiarity
    9. Provider Landscape – Trust
    10. Consumer Priorities (Pain Points, Bundle Options)
    11. Consumer Priorities (Desired Aggregation Features)
    12. Provider Landscape – Summary
  2. The Eight Areas of Aggregation: Taxonomy of Current Market Initiatives
    1. Current Aggregation Initiatives
    2. Content Offerings – Content Bundles
    3. Content Offerings – Content Interfaces
    4. Discovery Tools – Content Discovery
    5. Discovery Tools – Service Discovery
    6. Account Management Tools – Portfolio Management
    7. Account Management Tools – Payment Management
    8. Service Integrations – Video Bundles
    9. Service Integrations – Cross Media Bundles
    10. Market Offerings – Overview
  3. Market Drivers: What Factors Impact Aggregation Initiatives?
    1. Data Control
    2. Advertising
    3. Deal Breakers
    4. Interface Trials
  4. Future Focus: How Will the Aggregation Landscape Evolve?
    1. Critical Success Factors
    2. International Challenges
    3. External Disruptors

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The Future of OTT Aggregation


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