Innovations in Accessibility

Today, video entertainment is widely available and easier to access than ever before. The same is true for accessibility features, aspects of products or services that allows those with some type of disability to access entertainment or to better enjoy their entertainment experience. Disabilities exist across a very broad spectrum, and providing accessibility solutions requires offering multiple customizable options. Thus, innovation in accessibility can be highly creative, highly complex, and, in some cases, highly expensive. This report discusses the current drivers affecting innovation in accessibility, explores specific innovation initiatives evident in the market today, and assesses the future of accessibility innovation. While this report evaluates the evidence for innovations in accessibility, advances that are still being tested in the lab will continue to emerge over the next few years. DATA SOURCES: Executive interviews; Published company information and industry data; Online surveys of US consumers performed from 2019 – 2021.

Table of Contents

  1. Exploring Innovation in Accessibility The Demand for Accessibility
    1. Disability Shapshot
    2. Disabilities Impacting TV Viewing
    3. Disabilities Impacting TV Hearing and Listening
    4. Disabilities Impacting TV Control and Interaction
    5. Disabilities Impacting the TV Experience
  2. Trends and Drivers
    1. Disability Trends and Forecasts
    2. TV Regulatory Landscape
    3. Macro Trends Impacting Innovation
    4. Gaming Leads the Charge
    5. Factors That Impact Accessibility Innovation
  3. Accessibility Innovations for Visual Disabilities
    1. Accessibility for Visual Disabilities (Coverage chart by industry segment)
    2. Innovations in Screen Readers
    3. Innovations in Content Descriptions
    4. Innovations in Braille Displays
    5. Innovations in Display Adjustments / Magnification
    6. Innovations in Motion Reduction
    7. Innovations in Color Adjustment
    8. Innovations in Display Brightness
    9. Innovations in Wearable Vision Enhancement
  4. Accessibility Innovations for Auditory Disabilities
    1. Accessibility for Auditory Disabilities (Coverage chart by industry segment)
    2. Innovations in Closed Captions / Audio Descriptions
    3. Innovations in Playback Speed
    4. Innovations in Sign Language
    5. Innovations in Audio Output Enhancement
    6. Innovations in Wearable Audio Enhancement
  5. Accessibility Innovations for Physical/Mobility Disabilities
    1. Accessibility for Physical/Mobility Disabilities (Coverage chart by industry segment)
    2. Innovations in Controllers
    3. Innovations in Adaptive Switches
    4. Innovations in Voice Control
    5. Innovations in Visual & Neural Control
  6. Accessibility Innovations for Cognitive / Invisible Disabilities
    1. Accessibility for Cognitive/Invisible Disabilities (Coverage chart by industry segment)
    2. Innovations in Instructive Interfaces
    3. Innovations in Content Controls / Warnings
  7. The Future for Accessibility Innovation
    1. Emerging Trends – Smarter Homes
    2. Emerging Trends – More Wearable Devices
    3. Emerging Trends – Personalization and Profiles
    4. Emerging Trends – Provider Diversification
    5. Emerging Trends – Content Changes
    6. Future Trends – Evolving Technologies
    7. Future Trends – Regulatory Changes
  8. Implications and Conclusions

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Innovations in Accessibility


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