Apple looks to grow its iPhone business in India

For Americans and numerous consumers across other Western countries, Apple’s iPhone and its corresponding iOS ecosystem are a part of everyday life. From mobile gaming to music streaming and video calling, the iPhone is the go-to device for huge swaths of people in the West. Not so in the East where Google’s Android operating system […]

Escaping the Silo: Smart home consumers prioritize choice, but will Google?

Exasperated. That’s the feeling that many smart home pundits have these days as Google seemingly moves in the opposite direction of wider industry cooperation that seeks to bring the Matter interoperability language to market, finally bridging ecosystem silos. In a recent piece for Android Authority, Dhruv Bhutani opined that he’s fed up with Google’s changing […]

As FAST competition heats up, Roku looks to innovate in advertising

Roku, the entertainment streaming platform that can be accessed through streaming sticks, connected boxes, and Roku-powered Smart TVs,  has become one of the leading players in connected television. Roku has built up a billion-dollar ad business and is now guaranteeing better reach than cable in primetime with its targeted advertising. It is the latest in […]

Olympic Esports Series 2023 adds Fortnite to game roster

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has taken a lot of flak for its selection of “esports” games featured on the roster of the upcoming Olympic Esports Series held in Singapore next month. As previously covered by Interpret, as opposed to traditional esports like League of Legends or CS:GO, the Esports Week will see competition primarily […]

Knights of the Zodiac: Three takeaways from the latest Hollywood anime film

This past weekend saw the release of Hollywood’s latest live-action anime movie adaptation: Knights of the Zodiac. Saint Seiya, the source material for Knights of the Zodiac, never made it big in the US. Out of over 70 IPs tracked in Interpret’s annual Animeasure survey, Saint Seiya is only the 49th most watched anime series […]

Jedi: Survivor is just the tip of the gaming iceberg for Star Wars fans

2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order was both a critical and commercial hit for publisher Electronic Arts, racking up sales of over 10 million copies and reaching more than 20 million players overall (through digital access such as EA Play and Xbox Game Pass). The highly anticipated follow-up, Jedi: Survivor, is off to a red-hot start and […]

Hollywood Evolved: How Video Games are Rewriting the Script

By Elliott Linger, Global Head of Portfolio & Audience Development, The LEGO Group The well-cited – and well-deserved – plaudits HBO’s The Last of Us has received over recent weeks prompted me to reflect on a time when adapting video games in Hollywood (whether to television or film) was risky at best and futile at […]

AR awareness grows as Apple prepares to enter mixed reality headset market

While metaverse hype has cooled (Meta itself has reportedly stopped pitching advertisers on it) as many big tech firms have put AI in their sights as “the next big thing,” there are still plenty of believers in some of the tech related to the metaverse, including augmented and mixed reality. Apple is widely believed to […]

Interpret: One-third of homebuyers would pay more for a smart home

US homebuilders have become increasingly optimistic as mortgage rates inch downward and sales traffic increases, according to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index released in Q1 2023. While housing supply shortages still plague many markets, builders are ramping up production and strategizing over the right mix of amenities that will drive […]

Major League Baseball looks to rekindle interest with new rules, new ad campaign

Major League Baseball has been pushing back against the narrative that “baseball is boring” with a new set or rules for the 2023 season and a brand-new marketing campaign to attract both lapsed and new fans. Last year’s World Series was one of the least watched in the sports’ long history, drawing only about 12 […]