Will drones become standard home security offerings?

Amazon Ring’s recently announced Always Home drone-based security camera has been generating polarizing reactions. Some have said the thought of a camera flying around the home, in and out of rooms, is creepy and disturbing. Others think it’s futuristic and cool and can’t wait to get one to see how it works.

Ring is clearly redefining home security, catering to those who wish to use a camera for video self-monitoring. The Always Home drone can inspect the home for five-minute intervals before it has to return to base to charge for at least one hour. The device features collision detection intelligence to keep it from hitting walls, lamps or pets. The drone can also integrate with the Ring Alarm security kit, meaning that if any activity is detected while the security system is set to away mode, the Always Home camera will begin flying around to surveil the area. Ring has been effective at leveraging device interoperability, which is a key motivator for smart home device purchases, Interpret data shows.

Ring stoked enthusiasm for a new class of smart home devices when it popularized the doorbell camera, launched in 2013. Now, it has combined home security with consumers’ tech toy interest in drones. The home drone may well be the next big holiday hit when it launches in 2021 for $250. According to Interpret’s research, only 13% of consumers have a smart, connected security system, suggesting that a large, untapped market exists for DIY solutions such as a home drone.