Tertill wants to find a home in your garden

The inventor of the Roomba robotic vacuum has done it again, but this time for the garden. Tertill is a device similar to the Roomba but its purpose is to eliminate weeds from the garden. Powered by solar, Tertill traverses the garden to whack any detectable weeds taller than two inches with its nylon weed whacker. The weather-resistant device also comes with guards for homeowners to place in their yards as barriers to keep Tertill from destroying young seedlings or other plants and flowers.

The Tertill carries an MSRP of $349 (discounts are available), which certainly makes the device more than an impulse purchase for most consumers. The company also offers a gift bundle for $440 that includes 10 varieties of seeds, grow bags, and other accessories.  The process of hand-weeding a garden may take the fun out of gardening for some enthusiasts. For these consumers, and those who want to avoid harsh chemicals that could pollute the environment, the price is likely justified.

Robotic vacuum cleaners like the Roomba have seen success in the US, even if the market remains somewhat niche. That said, Tertill has a chance to succeed with the Roomba audience, as Interpret’s New Media Measure® shows that 31% of robotic vacuum owners in the US do enjoy gardening. Moreover, 24% of consumers who enjoy gardening already own a robotic vacuum. “Robotics, AI, and smart technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace and are finding their way into every device on the market. Tertill isn’t likely to usher in a gardening revolution, but it’s another sign of how the smart technology market is evolving to add convenience to consumers’ lives in any way possible,” said Stuart Sikes, Senior Vice President at Interpret.