South Korea PC Café Trends – June 2020

Valorant lands high in its first month, with potential challenges

  • Launched on June 2nd, Valorant entered onto the top 10 list in the first week of the launch with 1.38% total usage shares and became the fourth most played FPS game, followed by PUBG, Overwatch, and Sudden Attack. The initial launch hasn’t met the gamer community’s expectations given the usage share on the first day reaching only 0.73%. Although the game climbed up to the 9th spot on the list with over 59,000 daily average usage hours, there are challenges it needs to overcome. One of the issues pointed out as a barrier is the anti-cheat program ‘Vanguard,’ which has been causing different types of issues such as PC loading speed, disconnecting PC utility software, and even shutting down the PC café management system. Many PC café owners are filing complaints due to the issues disrupting their daily operations.

MapleStory begins to climb with the summer season update

  • While most of the titles saw considerable drops this month, MapleStory recovered its position to reach 3.6% usage shares and 156,000 daily average hours played. In the last week of June, MapleStory saw an uptick, with a 66.3% rise after the summer update ‘AWAKE’. Similar to other Nexon games like Dungeon Fighter Online, it has become a routine for MapleStory to rise in playership in the summer and winter seasons.

FIFA Online 4 closes the gap with Sudden Attack

  • Despite the two games being under the one umbrella of Nexon, FIFA Online 4 has been on the rise while Sudden Attack took a hit from the launch of Valorant. A major summer season update for FIFA Online 4 pushed the game to the 4th spot in the last week of June with a 14.64% increase to reach 5.7% usage shares.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare about to drop off the top 20 list

  • After entering onto the top 20 list in March and reached its highest point in April, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been on a constant decline and dropped to the 20th spot with fewer than 20,000 average daily usage hours.


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