South Korea PC Café Trends – July 2020

FIFA Online 4 climbs up with Summer events

  • With seasonal events and promotions, FIFA Online 4 passed PUBG and Overwatch to reach the second spot with a 6.9% usage share and 311,781 average daily hours. The game saw its biggest uptick in the second and third week of July mainly due to the Summer Festa event which provides in-game currency and items to anybody who pre-registered with the game and played during the event period. The event is scheduled to continue throughout August, which will maintain or increase average daily usage hours for FIFA Online 4.

Diablo 3 returns to the top 20 list with a new season

  • Diablo 3 began a new season, “Trials of Tempests,” in the first week of July and gathered players to see a 130.28% increase in average daily usage hours to land again at the top 14th spot. New items and skill changes through an update are a common driver for RPG games to climb back up in the rankings. Some of the other RPG titles saw a sizeable decline while Diablo 3 saw a 220.65% increase in the second week of July, which indicates the playership of these titles overlaps to a certain degree.

Valorant holds its place

  • Despite the challenges related to the anti-cheating system Vanguard, Valorant held its place on the top 10 list with a 1.44% usage share and 65,006 daily average usage hours. There are some speculations that the game may follow the path of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Destiny Guardians in declining rapidly after showing limited movement near the top 10 spots.

MapleStory close to passing Sudden Attack

  • MapleStory hasn’t moved in the ranks but is close to catching up to Sudden Attack by reclaiming the fifth spot after a 28% increase in average daily usage hours, reaching 4.43% usage shares. Sudden Attack saw a considerable uptick of 3.16% in the third week of July after implementing the new “Guillotine” system to punish hacks or cheating users, but the game saw the biggest drop of 15.04% in average daily usage hours compared to the last month’s top 20 list.

League of Legends reaches for a 50% usage share

  • Holding the top spot all year long, League of Legends saw a considerable increase in average daily usage hours of 6.61% and reached 48.49% usage shares in July. Ongoing domestic esports tournament League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) and interest in the World Championship scheduled to take place in Shanghai along with release of new champions drove the front runner to move up in average daily usage hours.


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