Smarter Home Panel offers game-changing approach to consumer research

Every company has research requirements. Sometimes they have plenty of time and a healthy budget on their side. More often, they need data sooner than later, and they need to squeeze as much value as they can out of every research dollar when their needs exceed their means.

To better serve these scenarios, Interpret has launched the Smarter Home Panel, a consumer panel consisting of verified owners of smart home products and services. Leveraging the company’s knowledge panel expertise in other verticals, the new Smarter Home Panel enables companies to collect highly specific information from product owners of one or more of 17 smart home products and systems.

Through the in-house panel, clients can efficiently focus on narrow population segments such as age categories, types of housing, geographic locations, comfort with technology, and more. Clients can leverage the panel for physical or virtual qualitative research including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and managed research online communities (MROCs). Interpret’s deep background in live user experience testing makes the Smarter Home Panel ideal for UI/UX testing of smart home apps and digital experiences, now available at its new Dallas-based User Experience (UX) testing facility, in addition to its facility in Los Angeles.

When clients require quantitative insights, the Smarter Home Panel coupled with Interpret’s accelerated research workflow can deliver insights on shorter surveys in as little as 1-4 weeks depending on complexity, with live data dashboards that deliver real-time visualization. This approach can parallel agile or waterfall product development processes when iterative feedback is needed. Interpret’s advanced recruitment and panel management process enables the company to provide comprehensive research for highly protected product concepts and product launches, while providing the highest standards of client confidentiality and data security.

“As technology researchers, we are challenged to offer our clients a level of technological sophistication that our clients work with every day,” said Brad Russell, Vice President of Interpret. “While Alpha and Beta volunteers are critical, tools for the ongoing process of understanding the voice and experience of consumers can greatly inform product development and increase customer satisfaction.”

Contact Interpret to learn more about the Smarter Home Panel, custom research capabilities, or the Smart Home Matrix™ suite of syndicated research.