Smart home sees significant growth in Western Europe

Interpret’s Smart Home Matrix research across 15 nations shows strong growth of smart home product adoption in Western Europe. Reflecting a similar trend seen in the US, first and second-time purchases of smart home products increased over the past year – likely a result of increased investment in the home that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UK and Germany continue to lead Western Europe in smart home adoption at 40% (each), while Spain and France are not far behind at 39% and 31%, respectively. Products most frequently owned across all countries are smart speakers/displays, followed by smart light bulbs and smart thermostats/radiator valves. Purchase intentions for smart doorbells, cameras and lightbulbs range from 4% to 12%.

For years, the UK has led Western Europe in security and smart home adoption. In Spain, Telefonica has long offered home security and automation solutions which have helped spur interest among consumers in that country. Around 30% to 50% of products purchased in the past year are first-time purchases, with German consumers reporting the highest rate of first-time purchases.  51% of Wi-Fi cameras purchased by Germans were first-time smart home purchases, showing the growing popularity of DIY cameras as strong drivers of smart home product adoption.

“It is hard to know if COVID, the availability of well-designed and well-priced products, or the combination of the two has been the strongest force behind smart home adoption, but the market is quickly advancing and smart home products are moving into the mass market,” said Stuart Sikes, SVP of Interpret. “This is a great time to be in this business, and many companies have waited many years for market conditions to be so favorable.”