Security providers must increase whole home automation to expand their business

The security business is very much in the crosshairs for the smart home industry, as evidenced by the recent investment by Google into ADT, which aims to make Nest devices a key piece of the company’s strategy. As more DIY solutions are available as alternatives to security systems, Interpret’s New Media Measure® research shows that many homeowners like the control and convenience that a smart home security system can offer.

Security systems owners cite control and convenience as reasons for purchase slightly more frequently than owners of standalone cameras. While standalone cameras are available at lower cost to the consumer, smart security system owners realize the added value, beyond protecting their home from fire or break-in, of controlling their entire home through their security systems. Similarly, owners of smart home security systems more frequently cite convenience as a reason for purchase. As homeowners consider their security options, there’s a real opportunity for security providers to emphasize the whole home automation features of a full system solution in order to differentiate.

The implication for home security systems vendors, as they face increasing competition from standalone product providers, is that they need to sell on far more than security, embracing and emphasizing the convenience and whole home control capabilities of their devices along with security. Differentiation will be increasingly important as new devices get smarter, as whole home automation is the professional security provider’s business to lose.

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