Razer targets mobile gamers with its new Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds

Most casual gamers probably don’t think twice about the sound coming out of their TV, phone, or headset, but high-fidelity audio can play a large role in creating a sense of immersion for the player. Gaming accessories brand Razer understands that audio is a key element and is deliberately marketing its newest earbuds to serious mobile gamers.

After launching its first wireless earbuds in 2019, the company has unveiled a follow-up called Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, which feature THX certification and noise cancellation. At $199.99, the newest Razer earbuds are clearly aimed at mobile players who are willing to invest in a better experience than stock headphones.

The new Hammerheads even boast a special low-latency mode designed to work more smoothly during gaming sessions. Razer claims that this mode can cut the latency in half compared to other common wireless earbuds on the market. Early reviews have been solid, but some also note that the earbuds’ noise cancellation isn’t quite as effective as the competition.

Last year’s version of the Hammerhead earbuds is available for half the price, but this model lacks active noise cancellation and THX certification, and the battery life is several hours shorter. With both models, however, Razer is continuing to position itself as a key gaming accessories brand.

In fact, according to Interpret’s New Media Measure®, 78% of Razer headset owners actively play mobile games, which puts the company ahead of competitor Turtle Beach. Moreover, nearly a third of the Razer headset audience currently plays 3-5 hours each week, with 10% playing 6-10 hours.