Entertainment, Brands, and The Rise of the Metaverse:

Since mid-2021, few topics in technology and entertainment have experienced the level of hype, and misunderstanding, as the Metaverse. Technology innovators, entertainment leaders, and global brands seek to understand this phenomenon and formulate their plans to harness it to their own benefit. Yet, few agree on exactly what “the Metaverse” is, much less what it means for their company. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Metaverse, including the criteria defining a metaverse, the competing visions for it among leading proponents, figures that point to its size and potential, and trends that are impacting its emergence. The report also explores brand engagements in the current Metaverse, including an evaluation of the leading options for brand-related Metaverse initiatives. DATA SOURCES: Executive interviews; Published company information and industry data; Online surveys of US consumers performed from 2019 to 2022.

Table of Contents

  1. Definition of The Metaverse
    1. Defining the Metaverse
    2. Metaverse Definition: Contested Aspects
  2. Purpose and Use of The Metaverse
    1. Benefits of the Metaverse
    2. Current Use Cases
    3. Consumer Interest in VR Applications
    4. Consumer-based Metaverse Hurdles
  3. Competing Visions of The Metaverse
    1. HTC: Vive, Viverse
    2. VRChat: VRChat
    3. Meta / Facebook: Horizon, Quest
    4. Roblox Corp: Roblox
    5. Epic: Fortnite, Unreal Engine
    6. Sandbox: The Sandbox
    7. Decentraland Foundation: Decentraland
    8. Manticore: Core
    9. Microsoft: Mesh for Microsoft Teams
    10. Nvidia: Omniverse
    11. Unity: Real-Time 3D
    12. Niantic: Lightship
    13. Sony: PlayStation VR2, LinkBuds
    14. Google: ‘Project Iris’
    15. Snap: Spectacles
    16. Potential future participants: Apple, Amazon, Valve, Tencent
  4. Sizing The Metaverse
    1. Disagreement on the Value of the Metaverse
    2. Metaverse Sizing Metrics
    3. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality: AR/VR Awareness (US), AR/VR Headset Ownership (US), VR Headset Ownership (Global Markets), Likelihood to Purchase a VR Headset (US)
    4. Growth In Play of Metaverse-Related Games
    5. Penetration of Metaverse-Related Game Genres
    6. Familiarity with Crypto / NFTs
    7. Use or Trading in Crypto / NFTs
  5. Metaverse Trends
    1. Self-Expression and Fashion
    2. Music Artists, Labels Embracing Virtual
    3. Creator Economy
    4. Real-World Simulations
    5. Web 3 Metaverse
  6. Brand Participation in the Metaverse
    1. Should My Brand Participate in the Metaverse?
    2. Differences Among Metaverse Brand Marketing Options
    3. The Metaverse Menu: Worlds / Platforms – Basics
    4. The Metaverse Menu: Worlds / Platforms – Building
    5. The Metaverse Menu: Avatar Creation and Styling
    6. The Metaverse Menu: Events
    7. The Metaverse Menu: Experiences
  7. Market Examples
    1. Music
    2. Fashion
    3. Food & Consumer Goods
    4. Media & Entertainment
    5. Sports
    6. Automotive
    7. NFTs

Entertainment, Brands, and The Rise of the Metaverse:


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