PlayStation makes big push with its IP across video streaming services

Much like comic books, video game properties are increasingly being mined for TV and film. As gaming culture penetrates the wider entertainment landscape, streaming services are finding that gaming franchises are resonating with a larger audience than ever before. Netflix’s success with The Witcher and Arcane, and the reception to Halo on Paramount+ are just the latest examples. Meanwhile, at the box office, Sega’s Sonic 2 has eclipsed its predecessor, while Sony’s Uncharted has brought in over $400 million.

Wise to this trend, Sony is now looking to further ramp up its TV and film footprint with its popular PlayStation franchises, including God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Gran Turismo. Amazon has secured the rights to stream a new live-action God of War series, Netflix will be streaming a new show based on Horizon, and Sony is reportedly eyeing District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to adapt its venerable car simulation franchise to the silver screen.

Beyond these latest additions, Sony’s previously announced film and TV projects will leverage other PlayStation mainstays such as Twisted Metal, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us, and Jak and Daxter. According to Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra, IP from the PlayStation business represents one of the “greatest opportunities” on both the theatrical and streaming side of the industry.

While popular game IP does not guarantee success in TV or film, the fact that awareness of any of the above mentioned franchises remains high means that the producers and marketers behind each project already have a leg up. Moreover, when it comes to streaming, Interpret’s New Media Measure®, shows that PlayStation console owners in the US are highly likely to subscribe to either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, with adoption of these services among the PlayStation audience being considerably higher than it is among the general population. This should afford both PlayStation and the streaming platforms a good opportunity for cross promotion.

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