Oreo’s latest packaging helps parents hide cookies from children

Oreo’s latest ingenious campaign may have some parents conjuring their inner Gandalf from Fellowship of the Ring to ask, “Is it secret? Is it safe?” The cookie brand partnered with other major brands that have nothing to do with snacks, including Ford, Hanes, Green Giant, and Better Homes & Gardens, to effectively camouflage their Oreo Thins packaging so that parents can hide their own stash of treats in plain sight of their children. The Ford branding, for example, makes the Oreo Thins package look like an owner’s manual at first glance, while the Green Giant labeling is designed to portray the cookies as frozen vegetables.

The limited-edition packaging – Oreo is only making 3,000 – is also being leveraged to promote the brand across social media. Oreo is giving away the uniquely labeled cookies on a first-come-first-serve basis to parents who post about their Oreo Thins hiding spots on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #THINSProtectionProgram. Those who participate in hiding their “precious” cookies will be entered into a contest to win $25,000. The company also partnered with Kevin and Danielle Jonas on a video featuring the parents hiding Oreo Thins from their children.

Oreo said it partnered with the brands that it felt were most likely to resonate with Millennial parents, which the company claims has the biggest problem with kids taking parents’ cookies. According to Interpret’s New Media Measure®, 26% of US parents purchase Oreo cookies weekly.

“At a time when many weary parents would like to take a break and indulge, Oreo has borrowed from the marketing psychology playbook in brilliant fashion,” remarked Janine Cannella, Vice President of Marketing at Interpret. “Research has found that consumers often need a ‘partner in crime’ before they will yield to temptations. Oreo is making the ‘crime’ easy in this case.”