Older gamers are more concerned about their privacy online

The world of technology offers all kinds of convenience, but that convenience can come at a cost. The data gathered by various companies can be shared with marketers, and older individuals tend to be more concerned about this kind of information sharing, according to Interpret’s New Media Measure® survey data. Gamers, who spend more time online with their consoles or PCs, are keenly aware of the dangers of having their information on a company’s database. The infamous PlayStation Network hack of 2011 revealed the personal details of 77 million users – it was the largest security breach in video game console history.

While considerable concern about online privacy exists throughout age brackets, there is a clear correlation between age and privacy worries. Older gamers are much more worried than younger ones about the privacy of their information shared online. The youngest age brackets have never lived in a world without the internet, and the idea of sharing information online is simply part of the way they experience the world. Older people, who have had a larger view of the growing presence of technology throughout their lives harbor more concerns about their personal privacy on the internet. In fact, more than half of all gamers in the 55-65 age group answered that they’re very concerned about privacy; conversely, in the 18-24 demographic, 29% indicated major privacy concerns.

Moving forward, it will be important to see whether these are generational or age differences. If the shift in attitude is truly due to generational differences, then we may see a more general acceptance of information sharing and less concern for internet privacy across the board.

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