Next generation home security focusing on action

The home security industry is increasingly considering how to evolve beyond solutions for detection to properly tackle the growing numbers of false alarms. According to, 90% to 99% of reported alarms are false. Many urban police forces are under-staffed and frequently cannot respond to the majority of alarm incidents. As a result, security system manufacturers are designing systems that not only sound an alarm while alerting owners, neighbors and authorities, but take action – such as discharging a harmless fog cloud within the home, turning on lights, and activating cameras.

Today’s home security solutions, including DIY smart systems, already integrate smart speakers, doorbell cameras, WiFi cameras, door locks and lighting. According to Interpret’s Smart Home Matrix research, integration between security systems and smart speakers is the most common connection, allowing for arming and disarming of the system using voice commands, followed by smart doorbell integration. Only 13% of smart lighting owners report that they have integrated lighting with their security system but using lighting to simulate being at home is one of the best burglary deterrents available.

Smart security systems that proactively change the home’s lighting patterns, automatically lock doors, and verify alarms with videos or photos will soon set the new standard for security. Security companies cannot guarantee a response to alarms by law enforcement but can stand behind their systems taking several important actions in the event of an alarm.

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