Matthew McConaughey joins #TeamEarth in Salesforce’s climate change campaign

While climate change still occasionally gets politicized, science tells us that it’s very real. The average global temperature has risen by 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, with the bulk of that increase happening in the last few decades. Extreme weather, scorching heat, wildfires, and more are already giving humanity major warning signs. Action on the individual level and the corporate level is needed to stave off future disaster. While more and more companies are espousing sustainable business practices and carbon neutral operations, CRM software firm Salesforce is aiming to highlight awareness and promote strategies for sustainability and reaching net zero.

“Now more than ever, it is of vital importance for businesses to become climate advocates,” says Suzanne DiBianca, Chief Impact Officer at Salesforce. “We’re facing irreparable harm to our planet, so we need all businesses to use not only their influence but also their core competencies and rapid innovation to create solutions that will tackle climate change.”

To help spread this message, Salesforce partnered with actor Matthew McConaughey, who recently joined the company as an advisor. In a new ad spot promoting the #TeamEarth platform, which arrived on time for both the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics, McConaughey dons an astronaut suit only to reveal that he’s traveling in a hot air balloon, not space. He stresses that Earth, not Mars, is the new frontier.

Salesforce isn’t just putting money into marketing. The company also has pledged $100 million to foster ecosystem restoration, climate justice, and to provide free or discounted technology to more than 54,000 nonprofits, education institutions, and philanthropic organizations. With McConaughey’s Hollywood star power and Salesforce’s campaign, there’s a good chance that more businesses will be joining #TeamEarth in the future.

Moral questions aside, companies that align with their customers’ values have a better chance at success. Interpret’s New Media Measure® shows that consumers are increasingly judging brands for their environmental impact. Younger consumers are especially mindful of sustainability, as 37% and 39% of Gen Z and Millennials, respectively, state that they prefer brands that have an environmentally friendly business model, whereas this figure drops to 30% for Gen X.