Interpret Webinar: Come learn about the smart home purchase journey on May 10th

Over the past decade, research into the customer’s purchase journey has become one of the more valuable strategic tools in the modern marketer’s toolbox. No longer viewing a purchase as a single touchpoint or transaction, today’s marketers seek to understand the full continuum of experiences that occur before, during, and after the purchase of a product to make the biggest impact on brand performance.

“Purchase journey research for the smart home segment has become ever more critical as the discovery process has become more complex, sales channels have diversified, and the customer onboarding and support experience has become so influential on brand satisfaction and recommendation,” said Interpret Vice President, Brad Russell.

Interpret will draw on its Smart Home Matrix consumer research to explore “The Smart Home Purchase Journey” in an upcoming free webinar slated for May 10th at 11am PT/1:00pm CT. Interpret hosts Stuart Sikes and Brad Russell will be joined by industry experts Samantha Fein of SmartThings, Dr. Laura Buffard of Nagra Kudelski, and Paul Williams of Nice North America.

Participants will explore the latest consumer data on smart home channel behavior patterns, purchase triggers and inhibitors, and a market maturity segmentation that tracks how consumers move from single endpoint solutions to integrated systems. They’ll also hear how these major brands are thinking about engaging today’s smart home buyers, and the most successful strategies for intersecting consumers at various stages of their journey.

You can register here for the complimentary webinar.

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