Interoperability between products is a key factor for purchase intent

The smart home product category, driven by devices like Google Nest, Ring Doorbell, and Amazon Echo, is on the rise. According to Interpret’s quarterly survey of 9,000 consumers, 58% now own one or more smart home products. For many, however, a lack of interoperability between devices is a point of frustration and, ultimately, a barrier to purchase.

Looking at this tech savvy generation, Interpret’s survey finds a direct correlation between number of smart home product owned and the importance of interoperability. Once a consumer has purchased two or more products, 50% of product owners state that being able to connect the devices is an important factor for consideration in the next smart home product purchase. The ability to use a single app to control the smart home remains the top reason why interoperability is important. Smart home users purchase devices to add convenience to their lives, but a lack of interoperability is contrary to that goal.

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