Interest in smart home devices is growing worldwide

It is clear that “hero” products, such as Nest thermostats, Alexa-powered smart speakers, and Ring doorbells have changed the conversation about smart home products and adoption in U.S. households. Interpret’s Global Profiles survey of 14 countries, however, shows that the rise of smart home products is taking place globally. In most of the markets sampled, networked security cameras are owned by at least 5% of the population.

Of the smart home products that Interpret tracks globally, three products show widespread adoption. Smart home speakers are the most prevalent, followed by smart lighting and networked security cameras. For both renters and homeowners, networked cameras provide peace of mind, stored video, as well as deterrents, and can be easily reinstalled when a resident moves.

Analysts’ numbers vary greatly, but most agree that connected devices in the home will soon reach 50 or more per home, on average. The rise of inexpensive, but easy to use products, like connected security cameras, is fueling a surge of interest. We are just at the beginning of the connected devices wave that is growing taller by the day.

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