GE Lighting’s Cync moves into fixtures with new smart LED downlights

Over the past several years, US households have transitioned from incandescent to LED bulbs at a steady clip. Today, almost half use LEDs for most or all of their indoor lighting compared with only 4% in 2015 (Residential Energy Consumption Survey by the Energy Information Institute). While LEDs offer a fivefold improvement on energy efficiency, upgrading also provides buyers with the opportunity to upgrade to smart LEDs that include features such as color shifting, remote access, scheduling, and automation scenes.

Since GE Lighting launched its first smart lighting products under the C by GE brand in 2019, the company has aggressively brought a raft of smart products to market. Now owned by Savant and rebranded as Cync in 2021, Cync recently announced its first foray in integrated fixtures with a Wafer Smart Downlight. The slim form factor with integrated junction box has become a convenient replacement for traditional “can” housings, being easily self-installable. The smart lights include all the features of a color shifting smart bulb. Priced at an MSRP of $39.99, the product is positioned for the middle-market between Philips Hue’s $59.99 fixture and economy models available for around $20.

Interpret’s Smart Home Matrix research finds smart light bulbs are the fifth most popular smart home device, owned by 16% of US adults, while 12% intend to purchase a smart light bulb in the coming year. Over half of smart light bulb owners (55%) own a smart speaker and 45% of these use voice-control for smart lighting. Though relatively new to the smart products market, GE Lighting has been able to leverage its widespread brand familiarity and aggressive product development to win a second-place brand share position in the smart light bulb category behind market pioneer Philips Hue.

“The extended lifespan of LED bulbs coupled with slimmer, integrated, and DIY-friendly form factors make integrated fixtures a more economical choice for consumers who don’t want the hassle of installing a switch, especially when replacing a single fixture and not a circuit of multiple fixtures,” said Interpret Vice President, Brad Russell. “Integration with smart speakers has also enhanced the enjoyment and ease of using smart lighting, now the most commonly voice-controlled device in the home.”

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