France leads a growing European market for smart home devices

Liberty, equality, fraternity… and smart home products? France is fast becoming a leading country for global penetration of smart home devices, according to Interpret’s New Media Measure: Global Profiles®.  The US leads the global smart device market, but industry insiders expect to see further revenue increases in France, establishing it as one of the smart home front-runners in Western Europe.

While Western European adoption of smart home products still lags that of the US, especially professionally installed home security systems, Europeans are increasingly embracing a variety of standalone smart home products. Interpret data shows that the UK has often been an adoption leader, but French consumers are adopting connected lighting, smart door locks, and connected security cameras more frequently than German or UK consumers – the UK does lead Germany and France in smart doorbell adoption, however.

European smart home device penetration has been on our radar for some time given that several leading, global smart home products are developed across Europe. France’s Schneider Electric’s Wiser line of smart home products includes numerous app-controlled temperature management products. Bosch, based outside of Stuttgart, Germany, has long been a provider of smart thermostats, lighting, cameras, and connected appliances. Munich’s Siemens is a leading supplier of energy management and building controls technologies. Sweden’s Verisure is a leading provider of connected home security systems across Europe as well.

With prices of smart home products continuing to fall and ease of installation increasing, European households are turning to smart products for increased comfort and convenience, resulting in rising adoption across Western Europe.