For Live Esports, Most Viewers Use Multiple Viewing Platforms

As of late 2019, over 80% of US esports viewers watch live matches on one or more esports viewing platforms. Like other sports, esports viewers value experiencing their favorite players, teams, casters and games in real time. 44% of esports viewers, representing over half of live match viewers, report watching on multiple platforms. These viewers follow multiple leagues or tournaments and seek live matches across viewing options. Just over one-third of esports viewers watch live matches on a single platform, including broadcast TV, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, or other websites or apps. Likely these viewers follow a single tournament, league or genre on a preferred platform or one that has exclusive distribution rights.

YouTube and Twitch are the most commonly used platforms for watching live esports matches. Facebook, Mixer and broadcast TV are also popular outlets for live viewing.

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