Fitness app users are typically young, married, and earn over $75,000

For the past several years, younger Americans have been trending towards more health-conscious lifestyles. Some are making a deliberate effort to avoid junk or processed foods and others are leveling up their exercise routines. The latter squares with the rise of mobile fitness apps, which Interpret’s New Media Measure ® has found to be particularly popular with the 35 and under crowd – especially those who are married and earn more than $75,000 annually.

In terms of general popularity among those under 35, Apple Health and Peloton were neck-and-neck at 61% and 62% of users, respectively. Interpret’s data also suggests that men generally favor the Peloton app (68%) while women favor the MyFitnessPal app (65%). Whereas MyFitnessPal is free to use, the Peloton app requires investment in a Peloton machine.

Interestingly, for those over 35, while there was a more even split among health apps, Peloton was at the bottom of the pack at 38%, suggesting that the brand has done an excellent job targeting younger people, but there’s room for growth among the Gen X demographic. Given the direct tie-in with smartwatches and Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit, the health app trend is likely to “keep on burning”.

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