FanAI Partners With Interpret to Deepen Esports Research

SANTA MONICA, Calif. September 10, 2019 – FanAI, the leading esports performance sponsorship platform, announced today a partnership with Interpret, a global consumer insights agency, to provide in-depth streaming audit and valuation services for esports leagues, publishers, and events. As part of the deal, FanAI and Interpret will begin a collaborative partnership on research and data enrichment projects for brands and rights holders.

In a mission to humanize data and create a holistic picture of an audience, Interpret uses both quantitative and qualitative research to provide deeper insight into why consumers behave the way they do. Through integration with FanAI, Interpret will be able to leverage comprehensive analytics to further understand their audiences with true offline spend, rather than using stand-alone panel data.

“We want our clients to tangibly see the value of their brand exposure and create a concrete strategy to engage with their passionate fan base,” said Johannes Waldstein, founder and CEO of FanAI. “As a market leader in esports audience analytics with over 56 million profiles, this partnership with Interpret means we can combine our innovative platform with their industry-leading insights to create actionable ways to optimize sponsorship spending and create effective investments for rights holders and brands.”

“With more and more non-endemic companies surging into the esports space, there’s never been a better time to forge this strategic alliance with FanAI,” said Grant Johnson, CEO, Interpret. “By linking their best-in-class data with our unique analytics, we’ll be able to provide much smarter guidance to our brand partners as they navigate the gaming and esports audiences.”

Using one of the most extensive databases of first-party data, FanAI provides clients with customized research for specific industry targets. FanAI’s unique combination of social data and ethnographic data combined with purchasing data has led the company to help professional esports and sports teams secure new sponsorship business, expand into new content formats, and evaluate the effectiveness of sponsorships over its lifetime. FanAI is expanding into other sports and entertainment verticals while improving the marketing experience for fans by making sure they only receive personalized, relevant content from partners.

About FanAI

FanAI is the market leader in sponsorship performance analytics. Within the sponsorship marketplace, FanAI leverages its partnerships for both first-party data owned by the rights holders and purchasing data on the wider digital fan audience, to create measurable and actionable insights that can be used to increase ROI on partnerships through direct insights and offline attribution. The process enabling our clients to better identify their fans, learn where they spend, and target where to reach them. For more information, visit

About Interpret

Founded in 2006, Interpret is a global consumer insights agency that serves the media, games, entertainment, technology, and health sectors. With over 40 employees across six markets in North America, Asia and Europe, Interpret is a leading marketing consultancy and insights agency providing best-in-class market research to drive more informed business decisions and strategies. For more information, visit

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