Esports Not Just for Teenagers Anymore

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Los Angeles — The audience for esports doubled from 20 million to 41 million people in just two years, according to the latest data from GameIntelligence™, a new product from media and technology insights specialist, Interpret. Interpret also notes a two-fold increase in women’s viewership of esports, whose audience was once thought to be overwhelmingly male.

Interpret has tracked trends in esports awareness and consumption for more than five years, observing the most significant jump in viewership in the past two. “As new leagues continue to form around new games and genres, we expect to see continued growth and diversification in viewers. Brands that get in early have a real opportunity to capitalize and see significant returns on their investments,” said Michael Cai, Interpret’s President.

Findings show that the audience for esports goes well beyond the stereotypical male teenager, and that brands targeting tech-savvy men and women should be considering esports to optimize their media mix.

While adults 18-34 constitute the largest single demographic group, esports viewership is extending into older demos, with nearly one in three viewers being adults 35-54;
10 million women in the U.S. were identified as esports viewers, double the number from two years prior;
esports viewers have spending power, with $75k+ HHI on average;
They are also harder to reach via other media. The esports audience watches less traditional television and spends less time on social media than the general population.
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