Early Black Friday deals feature popular smart home gift items

While Black Friday deals for Walmart officially begin November 3, many retailers launched their 2021 Black Friday efforts as early as mid-October, including Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. Stretching out the holiday shopping season has not only become an ever-growing trend but this year’s concerns about worker shortages and supply chain delays have added more incentive to start early. Terms like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have lost some of their promotional punch in recent years, but consumers have become conditioned to expect the best prices of the year for consumer electronics and smart home products during the extended holiday promotional season. Numerous smart home companies are seeking to lure holiday shoppers with significant savings.

According to Interpret’s Smart Home Matrix™ quarterly survey of smart home owners, the smart home products most likely to be received as a gift include: smart speakers (26%), connected countertop appliances (26%), smart air purifiers (19%), and connected garage door openers (19%). New Wi-Fi-connected models of air fryers, slow-cookers, and microwaves are boosting the value of these popular Christmas gift items. Earlier this spring, Chamberlain launched a completely redesigned “Secure View” smart garage door opener with an integrated, tiltable camera and two-way audio, a definite step up for those ready for an upgrade.

Finally, a host of new smart air purifier products have entered the market to address healthy home concerns accelerated by the pandemic. The most innovative models include voice control, app control from anywhere, and real-time air quality notifications. Don’t be surprised if some of these hot items show up under your Christmas tree.

Interpret research also finds that 70% of smart home device owners choose a particular purchase channel because they find it offers “the best deal on the products they buy.” This quest for value trumps brand selection, installation services, and interest in products working together. “Whether consumers are thinking about gift-giving or simply getting the best deals, this year’s holiday sales season promises to boost trial and additions of a growing number of smart home products to the American home,” said Brad Russell, Vice President at Interpret. “Some products like smart plugs and smart light bulbs have become so affordable, they’re almost like stocking stuffers!”