Call of Duty, Mario are the most anticipated franchises for men, women

Stereotypes often stem from partial truths. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that all men love shooters and that women just want to play casual games, but Interpret’s data does show a clear difference in gaming taste among the sexes. Among men, Activision’s Call of Duty sits atop the list of top five gaming sequels desired with 30% citing the shooter as their most anticipated franchise. Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto isn’t far behind at 24%, followed by 19% for Super Mario and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, and 17% for Star Wars. While there’s a heavy emphasis on action and combat with men, among women, Super Mario was easily the top choice at 31%. Nintendo’s Italian plumber was followed by classics like The Sims (18%) and Bejeweled (16%), with more combative games like Call of Duty and GTA tied for 15% of women. The fact that Mario is within the top three most anticipated games for both men and women speaks to the power of Nintendo’s iconic franchise and bodes well for the company’s future. The data also points to strong success for Call of Duty and GTA, which put up huge revenues each year. Publishers Activision and Take-Two have managed to attract a good portion of women gamers to these titles while retaining a core male audience.

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