Family feud: Streaming wars turn living rooms into battlegrounds

One of the major battles of the streaming wars will be over the living rooms of families. As family films have largely stopped hitting the cineplex for theatrical releases, more and more have been going to streaming. Platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Paramount+ have been investing heavily in family entertainment. Which platforms will win the […]

ADT’s Virtual Assistance program bridges DIY with convenient pro support

Waiting for a service provider to make a house call has become a perennial pain for many homeowners. Whether it’s waiting for the “cable guy,” the plumber, or the repair technician for most anything, service calls are often inconvenient, leaving consumers feeling they have wasted precious time while waiting out the service window. One positive […]

Universal leverages MoonPay for NFT-based Halloween scavenger hunt at its theme parks

In the lead up to Halloween, Hollywood giant Universal Studios teamed with crypto payment platform MoonPay to offer visitors to its Universal Theme Parks (California and Florida) an NFT-based scavenger hunt. The Halloween-themed event started on October 15th and ran through the holiday, enabling park visitors to scan seven QR codes hidden at each park. […]

Overwatch franchise gains momentum with sequel’s strong start

Activision Blizzard reported in mid-October that its hero shooter Overwatch 2 had garnered over 25 million players in its first 10 days on the market. With the Overwatch League looking to a “new era” for its esports business, it was important that Blizzard’s sequel hit the ground running. “The game has proven to be a […]

Global CE firms see an opportunity in the electric vehicle market

As more and more nations move away from fossil fuels and gasoline-based vehicles, the electric vehicle (EV) market is poised for a boom. Across the globe, leading automotive firms are already overhauling their factories to accommodate the production of more EVs. In fact, at the end of 2021, six major automakers agreed to completely phase […]