Alienware launches first esports accessories with input from pro gamers

Dell-owned Alienware, known for its high-end PC gaming rigs, is looking to extend its brand into the competitive gaming market. The company recently launched its first-ever competitive gaming peripherals, which it built with feedback from more than 100 esports athletes, including members of esports org Team Liquid – with which Alienware has a 12-year partnership. […]

Apple Vision Pro makes waves among early adopters, but there’s a long road ahead

At the start of February, Apple released its long-awaited spatial computing (Apple doesn’t use the term VR) headset, Apple Vision Pro, into the wild. While the Quest line of standalone headsets from Meta have been attempting to lower the barrier to entry in terms of pricing, Apple’s foray into the space is commanding a hefty […]

LinkedIn seeing ad prices boom as Gen Z flocks to the platform

2023 was an interesting year for social media, in no small part due to the impact Elon Musk has been having on X (formerly Twitter). At a certain point, major brands, including Airbnb, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft, all halted ads on the platform after the controversial executive seemingly endorsed antisemitic conspiracy theories. Then, at the advertising-focused […]

Interpret: Netflix subscribers play video games just as often as they stream video

Two years ago, Netflix made its first foray into gaming, offering its existing video streaming subscribers free access to a variety of mobile games – a portfolio that’s steadily been growing as Netflix has forged more partnerships with studios and acquired developers such as Boss Fight Entertainment, Spry Fox, Next Games, and Night School Games, […]

Esports in 2024 seeking a path to sustainability

The esports business faced many battles in 2023, as numerous organizations suffered layoffs or sold their expensive league slots. Gen G’s CEO, among other major teams, openly talked about how they’ve never even made a profit. The so-called “Esports Winter” doesn’t necessarily mean the death of the industry is imminent, however. In fact, some executives […]

Mac purchase intent demonstrates Apple’s brand loyalty

While Apple’s non-iPhone events don’t seem to command the same level of attention as its annual smartphone upgrades, the company remains committed to its computing category. This past fall, Apple held a Mac-focused event to unveil its new chipsets: the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. The new chips were showcased as part of a […]

Marvel leverages McDonald’s partnership in Loki’s season two

Disney+ exclusive series Loki continues to perform well for the platform. The season two finale attracted more than 11.2 million viewers worldwide, even higher than the first episode’s 3-day draw of 10.9 million viewers. Not only did the show further contribute to the setup for the rest of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, but it also […]

Disney+ to combine with Hulu as it eyes streaming profitability

The Walt Disney Company recently agreed to purchase Comcast’s share of Hulu for a minimum of $8.6 billion, pending an appraisal of Hulu’s value. The acquisition gives Disney full control of the streaming platform and seems to be a key component of their plan to make its direct-to-consumer streaming business profitable by Q4 2024. The […]

With Activision Blizzard, Xbox gains strong mobile foothold

The long journey for publishing behemoth Activision Blizzard to be acquired by Microsoft for $69 billion finally ended in late October, enabling the Call of Duty and World of Warcraft publisher to be fully integrated into the team of Xbox studios. The deal, first announced in January 2022, faced battle after battle with regulators in […]