AI is the next battleground for global tech giants

One of the biggest tech trends of the last few months has been the rise of AI, most notably OpenAI’s ChatGPT (which reached 100 million monthly users in January), along with generative AIs that have the ability to create art based on a few key descriptors. ChatGPT has shown that it’s capable of spitting out […]

How DIY is blurring the lines in smart home security

Home security has always been the primary driver for smart home products and the industry continues to see some major shifts. One of the most dramatic is the rise of self-installed, pro-monitored home security systems. A handful of years ago, the majority of security buyers relied on large dealer-installed systems from familiar companies such as […]

Interpret: Does advertising to Gen Z through the Super Bowl make sense?

With Super Bowl LVII having brought in a six-year viewership high, with more than 113 million viewers watching the Kansas City Chiefs win it all, advertisers paid a pretty penny ($7 million for a 30-sec ad spot) to get in front of all those eyeballs. But who exactly are big brands reaching with their major […]

Interpret: Esports has a growth problem

The esports market faces a challenging road ahead. While some took last year’s IPO for FaZe Clan, valuing the organization at $725 million, as a sure sign that esports had hit the big time, in recent months, the company’s stock price has been in rapid decline, and FaZe is at risk of being delisted from […]

Interpret: Movie theater attendance remains a far cry from pre-pandemic levels

Amid weak box office receipts, movie theaters are increasingly looking for creative ways to boost revenue. In their latest ticket price experiment, AMC has announced plans to rollout Sightline – the mammoth theater chain’s version of tiered pricing that takes inspiration from Broadway and live sports and concert venues to vary the cost of admission […]

Nintendo content propels Switch to become third best-selling console ever

Last year, the Nintendo Switch leapfrogged the popular Wii to become the Japanese company’s best-selling console in its storied history. A year later, the Switch’s continued success has driven the system to new heights, as it’s now the third best-selling console ever, with more than 122 million units sold, surpassing both Sony’s PS4 (117 million […]

Why Roku building its own TVs makes sense

New smart TVs from top brands like LG and Samsung garnered plenty of attention at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas, particularly since the latest QD OLED technology will be entering its second year of production and will introduce brighter panels and more refined features. While that’s great for videophiles and tech nerds, one […]

Spotting Smart Home Buyers in the Crowd: Segmentation by Key Traits

The past several years have seen unprecedented growth for smart home products, driven in large part by strong enthusiasm for doorbell cameras, Wi-Fi networked cameras, smart home security systems and smart lighting. Many of these products are now owned by nearly 20% of US consumers, according to Interpret data. For the blockbuster device makers and […]