Why Roku building its own TVs makes sense

New smart TVs from top brands like LG and Samsung garnered plenty of attention at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas, particularly since the latest QD OLED technology will be entering its second year of production and will introduce brighter panels and more refined features. While that’s great for videophiles and tech nerds, one […]

Spotting Smart Home Buyers in the Crowd: Segmentation by Key Traits

The past several years have seen unprecedented growth for smart home products, driven in large part by strong enthusiasm for doorbell cameras, Wi-Fi networked cameras, smart home security systems and smart lighting. Many of these products are now owned by nearly 20% of US consumers, according to Interpret data. For the blockbuster device makers and […]

Interpret: TikTok users more likely to engage with ads

Despite growing national security concerns, short-from video platform remains as popular as ever. And as more and more young consumers leverage the platform instead of Google search to find popular restaurants, stores, and other places to spend their money, the advertising implications are potentially huge. Savvy businesses that have leaned into TikTok to reach Gen […]

Interpret: India’s esports viewership is second only to China

Despite a significant crackdown on gaming from Beijing, the esports industry in China is still the world’s largest, with League of Legends and the associated pro circuit, LPL, leading the way. Blink twice, however, and you might miss the surge in esports from another major country: India. Data from Interpret’s New Media Measure: Global Profiles™ […]

Will streaming platforms unlock the potential of live sports?

Think that sports streaming and pay TV don’t go together? As ESPN sports analyst and recent National Sports Media Hall of Fame inductee Lee Corso might say, “Not so fast, my friend!” According to Interpret’s VideoWatch data, pay-TV subscribers are much more likely to watch sports via streaming than pay-TV non-subscribers. In fact, 61% of […]

Video games are leading the way in entertainment accessibility

Representation in entertainment matters, and while some progress has been made in giving a voice to minorities and people of various genders and sexual orientations, there’s a massive population that’s yet to see its needs fully embraced: disabled persons. Around 15% of the people on Earth live with some form of disability. Ethics aside, ignoring […]

The Journey Towards More Inclusive Entertainment

The Journey Towards More Inclusive Entertainment: What can the music and movie industries learn from video games; and will web3 be able to make a difference? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Authors It’s fair to say that the entertainment industry, whether through the medium of video games, music, TV or movies, is not always perceived to be […]