Top Luxury Brands are Connecting with Esports Viewers

In 2019, Armani Exchange partnered with Mkers, an Italian esports org. As the primary jersey creator and sponsor, Armani seeks to elevate the apparel of esports athletes. More recently, Gucci, the Italian fashion house, teamed up with Fnatic to release a collaborative fashion line. The company also hosted a collaboration with Roblox and offered Gucci designer handbags for players to purchase. Louis Vuitton has created an exclusive fashion line with video game League of Legends. Both men’s and women’s fashion lines are being created with direct inspiration from the League of Legends game.

Many luxury brands have become cultural icons in recent years. Popular fashion houses are often referenced in television, movies, and music, which shows that there is a broad market that is aware of their branding. The new, rising stardom of esports celebrities is proving to be strong advertising for the aspirational lifestyle these luxury brands provide.

Interpret’s esports tracking as part of its New Media Measure study reveals that esports viewers are much more likely to have recently purchased a product from a luxury brand than are gamers who don’t watch esports. So, don’t be surprised to see some of top luxury brands alongside gaming logos the next time you tune into an esports tournament broadcast.