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Smart Home Matrix

Smart Home Matrix: Trends is a syndicated service with topical reports analyzing smart home trends, player movements, and why they matter. Multisource deep-dives fuse consumer data, executive interviews, and market analysis for actionable insights.

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Smart Home Matrix: Trends

Smart Home Matrix: Trends™ monitors trends and delivers insights with a fusion of consumer data, executive interviews, and expert market analysis. Designed to keep industry decision-makers up to date on evolving smart home market trends.


  • Traces the sources and potential impact of influential market trends.
  • Profiles key players and their responses to market trends.
  • Provides implications of trends with recommendations for leveraging new opportunities.


  • Market trends, insights, and implications for the smart home ecosystem.
  • Each report provides analysis of the shifting dynamics of the smart home ecosystem with recommendations across the product lifecycle.
  • Explores the impact of new networking protocols to the emergence of new sales channels, business models, and value-driving technologies.

Evolution and Expansion of Smart Home Channels

After more than a decade of experimentation and expansion, some consumer channels for smart home products and services are fine-tuning their focus. Others are still trying to get the business model right or get up to speed on engaging and supporting consumers. This report explores the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the leading channels, including: retail, home security, internet service providers, system integrators, property, insurance, energy, and independent contractors.

Shifting Smart Home Buyer Personas

This report goes beyond the “average smart home buyer” to explore meaningful changes to important segments of smart home buyers. Interpret’s unique segmentation of Converts, Collectors, Connectors, and Conductors is quantified and applied to buying behaviors. The report includes a deep dive into some of the 50 buyer attributes tracked quarterly among 9,000 consumers to provide more depth to persona development. It includes channel trends with implications across the smart home ecosystem.

AI and Smart Home 3.0

This report explores the evolution of artificial intelligence as it is being incorporated into smart home products and services.  The report tracks major innovations currently taking place, the pioneers in AI, use cases for AI, and expected in-home applications. The report predicts the impact of AI on consumer update and adoption of smart products, and identifies a number of AI-based smart home projects that are underway.

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