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Smart Home Matrix

Smart Home Matrix: Consumer is a syndicated service providing quarterly consumer tracking data on buyer behavior and preferences, unique segmentation with personas, brand analysis, and quarterly focus topics.

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All players in the smart home ecosystem – chipmakers and component providers, device manufacturers, software and platform providers, service providers, dealers and distributors – must have a strong understanding of consumer preferences, intentions and biases in order to develop effective product development and communication strategies.

Each report provides unique analysis of these aspects of today’s smart home consumers. Moreover, each quarterly deliverable includes trending questions and timely focus topics so that our clients can stay abreast of important changes in this dynamic space.

Product Snapshot

Latest Report: Owners of Smart Security Systems vs. Standalone Security Devices

Products like Wi-Fi cameras and video doorbells can complement or compete with smart security systems. This report clarifies fact from fiction with insight into how system and device owners differ, and where they overlap. Ongoing tracking data on sixteen smart home product categories covers adoption, purchase intentions, and sentiment of product owners.

Upcoming Report: Tracking Smart Home Purchase Journeys

Smart home buyers are increasingly varied in their purchase motives, channel preferences, sequence of acquisition, and benefits sought. Interpret applies its unique customer segmentation model to trace the patterns and paths key segments take along their purchase journey. Insight into priorities shaping subsequent purchases and the barriers that prolong them provides implications for where and how certain segments can be won over.

Upcoming Report: Selling Wi-Fi Cameras and Cloud Services

Consumer interest in Wi-Fi camera products is surging with new form factors, features, and attached services providing an array of options. This report looks at offerings, adoption, brand, purchase considerations, price points, installation, and the uptake rate and fees paid for cloud storage services.

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