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Coronavirus keeping gamers away from pc cafés in February, though game events luring some



Most games saw downward movements as the coronavirus is keeping many gamers away from PC cafés in February.

Warcraft III continues to rise after the Reforged launch

  • Despite heavy criticism and low ratings, Warcraft III saw a 26.59% uptick in February to land on the 13th spot with 0.69% daily usage shares. Warcraft III passed StarCraft II in daily usage shares with 1.53% in the RTS genre.

Sudden Attack rises to the 5th spot with the ‘God Mode’ update

  • Similar to other Nexon games such as FIFA Online 4, MapleStory, and Dungeon Fighter Online, Sudden Attack saw a 11.16% increase in usage shares in February after the new winter event called the “God Mode” was launched. The “God Mode” offers gameplay with different skills and character abilities for Sudden Attack

FIFA Online 4 falls off as the seasonal event ends

  • FIFA Online 4 dropped to the 3rd spot on the list with a 30.2% decrease in average daily usage hours compared to last month. The game is likely to remain on the same spot until the new seasonal event is launched by Nexon.

Path of Exile about to fall off the top 20 list

  • Path of Exile experienced the biggest drop among the top 20 titles with a 46.2% average daily usage hour drop this month. The new update has not provided enough anchor for Path of Exile to remain on the top 15 list and the daily average usage share dropped below other RPG titles such as Blade & Soul which held its grounds with the update.


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