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“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” holds its ground and “Overwatch” draws in players with a new hero, while other titles see declines 


FIFA Online 4 slips to fifth place

  • Without major seasonal events, FIFA Online 4 fell to fifth place with 5.56% usage shares, which is its lowest ranking this year. The game began the year strong with 9.63% usage shares and over 650,000 daily average usage hours. Although the COVID-19 outbreak caused sharp drops for all games, the fall of FIFA Online 4 is one of the most impactful as it fell from 2nd place in January to 5th this month.

PUBG loses usage shares on a new season

  • Season 7 began for PUBG during the 3rd week of April and added new areas, vehicles, and weapons. Similar to MMORPG games, PUBG always saw an increase in average daily usage hours once the new season began. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, PUBG saw a 4.72% decline in average daily usage hours this month.

Dungeon Fighter Online sees a decline after an update

  • Almost all MMORPG titles see upticks when they launch updates as churned players return to play, and Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the MMORPG games that specializes in this model. However, even after a major update on April 16th, Dungeon Fighter Online saw a 6.74% decline on weekly hours followed by a meager 0.3% uptick in the last week of April.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare holds its grounds

  • Despite the concerns of hacks and cheating programs, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare climbed up to the 12th spot with over 36,000 average daily usage hours while most of the games in the top 20 are struggling. Along with Overwatch and Cyphers, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a shooter title that saw an uptick.

Overwatch climbs with a new hero

  • Overwatch introduced a new hero Echo to the player server on April 15th, eight months after the launch of the previous new hero. Even after new updates, all of the top 10 titles saw declines this month due to the COVID-19 outbreak, while Overwatch saw a significant uptick of 4.78% and climbed to fourth place with a 6.16% average daily usage share.


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