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Diablo 3 Launches New Season



World of Warcraft Classic Surge

  • While the majority of the top 20 games saw a drop in average daily usage hours, World of Warcraft nearly tripled its average daily usage hours and climbed to the 8th spot on the list. The hype of WoW Classic seemed lukewarm at first, but nostalgia of the game strongly appealed to the older groups who played the game in their school years. Gamers who returned to WoW Classic shared their experience on their online communities to expand awareness. A few articles suggest that the subscription model of WoW presents more gameplay value compared to other mobile RPG games popular among older audiences that constantly pressure gamers to spend on microtransactions.


Path of Exile Holds Its Ground

  • With the large-scale updates highlighting tower defense mode, Path of Exile stayed in the 12th spot with a 1.13% average daily usage share. On the week of the update, the game saw an over 100% uptick on average daily usage hours. The game’s core feature of unlimited skill-tree options seems to be the double-edged sword as new gamers are experiencing a barrier of entry with the level of difficulty. Many Korean gamers look for standardized and optimized builds or skills in games and having too many options may create a barrier for these gamers.


Diablo Moves Up with the New Season

  • Diablo 3 launched a new season and saw a 30% increase of average daily usage hours. While WoW Classic and Path of Exile updates are ongoing, Diablo 3’s performance this month is promising. However, the server issues during the last week of September caused a sizeable drop in average daily usage hours.


Lineage 2 Continues with the Uptick After Freemium Transition

  • Despite concerns after transitioning into a freemium model, Lineage 2 climbed to the 14th spot with a 50% increase in daily usage shares. The initial concerns of increased microtransaction pressure seems to have had a minimal effect on loyal gamers.


Kart Rider Slips Out of the Top 10 List

  • Kart Rider continued with the downward trend as it dropped to the 11th spot with a 1.24% daily average usage share. In May, the game marked its highest spot at the top 5 list with an over 3% daily average usage share. As one of the first-generation games, Kart Rider made a noticeable comeback with new younger audience and returning users. The casual feel and low barrier of entrance derived from the simple gameplay structure appealed strongly across a wide range of gamer groups.


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