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10-year anniversary events, League of Legends World Championship, and the changes made on TeamFight Tactics (TFT) mode boost LoL usage shares.



League of Legends sets new all-time high record

  • Despite already being the top title on the chart, League of Legends saw another uptick in the usage share this month from 43.7% to 47.3%. With the release of 10-year anniversary events, League of Legends World Championship, and the changes made on TeamFight Tactics (TFT) mode, League of Legends reached an all-time high of 50.1% usage shares during the last week of October.

PUBG and Overwatch on a path of decline

  • Compared to League of Legends that continues to rise in usage shares, both PUBG and Overwatch saw considerable declines of 15.7% and 9.5% this month, respectively. Lack of new content and the limited success of esports are seen as the main causes of the continuous declines. However, these two titles are likely to remain in their current spots due to an absence of potential competitors or new market entrants.

Diablo 3 unable to keep the new season entrants

  • Diablo 3 enjoyed a significant increase of 34.8% in September after the new season began but experienced a 38.5% drop in gamers this month. It appears that only the loyal Diablo 3 fans remained with the game after they finished through the season content.

Path of Exile continues to decline

  • Along with Diablo 3, Path of Exile saw a significant decline of 34.4% this month. The new season updates for Path of Exile were expected to bring back some of the RPG gamers but this month’s performance has proven that the game took a major hit from the release of World of Warcraft

 Maplestory sees unusual upticks

  • Maplestory stopped a 3-month drop and climbed to the 6th spot. The success was unexpected because most games on the top 20 list experienced downward movements. Since the rise was not driven by mass seasonal updates and events, Maplestorys climb is likely to remain a short term and relatively minor one.


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