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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cracks Top 20, Gap Between FIFA Online 4 and Overwatch Widens, and Diablo 3 Surges with New Season




Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Enters Top 20

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare entered the top 20 list earlier than Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with over 0.36% average daily usage share. The initial release on October 25th did not gain enough traction due to the game’s memory requirement being a main barrier for PC cafés to download it. Once the issue was addressed, the game’s usage increased rapidly, and the game landed on the 18th spot with a 449.68% increase in daily average usage.

FIFA Online 4 Widens the Gap with Overwatch

  • After its climb to the 3rd spot past Overwatch, FIFA Online 4 retained its position for over two months with 8.6% average usage share and a 4% increase. On the second week of November, FIFA Online even took the 2nd place by pushing down PUBG. Since PUBG is experiencing a constant decline, FIFA Online 4 is expected to eventually stay at the 2nd spot.

Dungeon Fighter Online in Decline

  • While other first-generation MMORPGs such as MapleStory or Lineage either held their grounds or saw an uptick, Dungeon Fighter Online saw a 11% decline in daily average usage shares and fell off the top 10. A continuous drop since August is indicating that the game needs a major update to bring back its core players.

Path of Exile About to Fall off Top 20

  • Path of Exile continued its downward movement with a 55% drop this month to the 19the spot. On the last week of November, the game fell off the top 20 list for average daily usage ranking. Similar to other RPG games, Path of Exile carries a burden of providing constant updates and introducing new content to hold onto gamers and stay on the list.

Diablo 3 Climbs Back up with New Season

  • Diablo 3 saw a 104% surge to move up to the 14th spot with 0.6% average daily usage share on the 3rd week of November as season 19 began on the 22nd. Updates on items and quest resets are bringing back players to compete again.


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