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League of Legends
Continues Its Dominance

“Our office opening in Seoul, South Korea reinforces our client commitment both in the East and West to better understand market-specific differences and devise smarter regional strategies.

The South Korean market has always been a beacon for the West in free-to-play game design.  While the most engaged games are a mixture of new and old, their consistent support through live operations produces fresh content, mechanics, and modes that are years ahead of other regions. We often find that when a new game becomes popular in the West, regardless of the platform, their core mechanics likely first appeared in South Korea.

We aggregate this monthly South Korean PC Café data to help shed light on what titles are driving engagement in one of the most influential gaming markets in the world.

– Grant Johnson, CEO, Interpret


League of Legends continues to dominate

    • A longtime favorite within South Korea, and the rest of the world. League of Legends dominates PC engagement market share at nearly 40%. The recently released Teamflight Tactics mode (TFT), which is Riot’s version of DotA 2’s Auto Chess, continues to reassure players that Riot is constantly looking to keep the League of Legends experience fresh.

Apex Legends drops from top 20

    • Despite an initial strong start and reaching as high as the 11th spot among market share back in February, Apex Legends has dropped out of the top 20. We expect a small revival with the release of Season 2, but it is unlikely that Apex Legends will reach the same level of engagement from its initial launch window.

Path of Exile is the new star

    • Introduced in the market in late May, Path of Exile successfully entered the top 20 list with 2.41% market share. Over 70,000 South Koreans played the game on the first day of the launch.

Black Desert Online rises after the developer takes over

    • Pearl Abyss, the developer of Black Desert, decided to service the game on their own that was previously run by Kakao Games. Positive feedback on improved developer communication and the new class update led the game back into the top 20.

Maplestory is back for the summer season

    • Maplestory always climbs up on the list during summer by launching major updates or events. On the last week of June, Maplestory released a new update that increased the usage hours by 140% compared to the prior week and broke into the top 5 spot with 3.5% market share.

The Dota 2 Auto Chess mod hype is down

    • Despite a noticeable recovery on the 3rd week, Dota 2 saw a significant decrease in market share this month which placed the game in the 18th spot. Dota 2 had a quick resurgence in popularity due to the community driven Auto Chess mode launched earlier this year.

Kart Rider is close to fall off the top 10 list

    • As a casual game that is easy to learn and play, Kart Rider was expected to remain on the top 5 list. However, absence of new updates or major events caused the game to lose significant market share this month.

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