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Teamfight Tactics Mode Drives League of Legends Market Share


Rainbow Six: Siege Enters Top 20 List

  • With its limited event “Showdown” that provides a new 3v3 map, Rainbow Six: Siege rapidly climbed up to the 15th spot on the last day of July. Other major shooter titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have failed to break through the dominance of existing titles. Rainbow Six: Siege is currently on open beta test for PC cafés and it is scheduled to be released on August 1st.

PUBG Fails to Ride the Summer Tide

  • While the other top five titles saw considerable increase in average daily usage hours during summer vacation, PUBG couldn’t join this trend. The recent failure of the MET Asia Series in Thailand and Cloud 9’s decision to disassemble their PUBG team drove down the community’s faith in Krafton in running esports for PUBG.

Lineage Remastered Climbs with Updates

  • One of the oldest games in Korea, Lineage, continues to stay relevant in the market with the core fanbase of first-generation gamers. The game introduced a new class and climbed to the 11th spot on the last week of July.

Teamfight Tactics Mode Drives Market Share of League of Legends

  • League of Legends reached its highest usage share of 44.47% on the second week of July. A ranked mode for the Teamfight Tactics mode was introduced and continues to drive interest for both competitive and casual gamers.

Path of Exile Moves on to the Static Phase

  • As a new rising star in the market, Path of Exile climbed up to the seventh place with 2.69% usage share in the beginning of the first week of July. However, the game is showing the limits of the RPG genre that hast slowly lost usage shares after the initial surge. Lost Ark and Destiny Guardians have experienced this as well since they weren’t able to provide additional content.

Maplestory Continues Its Summer Campaign

  • Summer vacation for schools has begun and Maplestory maintained its fifth spot with a 53% increase of average daily usage hours this month. On the first week of July, Nexon released another major summer update with additional content and skill-trees.


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