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Warcraft III, Dungeon Fighter Online, FIFA Online 4, and MapleStory All Rise on the Top 20 List




Dungeon Fighter Online returns with 15th anniversary events

  • Dungeon Fighter Online made another comeback with 151.54% surge in usage hours and landed on the 7th spot on the list. The 15th anniversary updates on increased level cap, additional levels of ascension, and new content successfully brought Dungeon Fighter Online back in the top 10 with 2.34% average daily usage share in January.

MapleStory continues to rise

  • Riding on the winter vacation tide, MapleStory saw a bigger uptick of 65.75% and passed Sudden Attack’s average daily usage hours in January. MapleStory is ranked at the 5th spot on the list and closing the gap with Overwatch with 5.58% average daily usage shares.

FIFA Online 4 widens the gap with competing titles

  • After climbing up to the 2nd spot on the list, FIFA Online 4 continued to increase the average daily usage hour gap with PUBG and Overwatch. The daily task New Year event led the 83.98% surge of average daily usage hours in the last week of January.

Warcraft III sees an uptick with Reforged

  • With the rising expectation of Warcraft III: Reforged, Warcraft III has been increasing its average daily usage shares throughout January. After dropping off the top 20 list for a few months, Warcraft III placed itself back at the 15th spot with 59.56% increase in average daily usage hours.


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